Monday, October 6, 2008

Build a Bear!!


Yesterday Masha and I met my friend, Darleen (see picture), at Build A Bear in Fashion Island. Masha really enjoyed herself and was very well behaved.  Masha picked out a wedding outfit for "Vika" and then Darleen had her pick out a few more.  She got pajamas and slippers and a daytime outfit. Masha loved checking out all the accessories at the store.  She'll probably go back with Brynn in November to add to her collection.  It was great having Darleen there as she really knows the ins and outs of that store.  She hooked Masha and Vika up with every color ribbon and bow in the place.  Masha has already had her new teddy bear in all three outfits. Thanks, Darleen, for a great day!

Also, Masha went to Russian school on Sat.  It's a school in Newport Beach that is taught in Russian.  She is taking five classes-Russian literature, Russian, math, drawing, and science. There were over 40 kids there.  Most of the kids have one or both parents who speak Russian. Masha was the only one there with no parents speaking Russian. Masha had a blast and was so glad to have kids to speak Russian to.  We're going to have Viktor take two classes so he can start to brush up on his Russian again.  Having Masha here has helped him to remember some Russian and he's eager to relearn it.  When she was getting ready for school today, she asked if she was going to Russian or English school-funny!

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Hanh Do said...

What? She's already thinking of weddings! Watch out Cathy. just kidding. It's great that she can continue with her primary language. She is such a cute girl.